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Everything is getting shut in California again, we have been glued to our phones even more and there is no respite in sight. For all its ills social media isnt always the bad guy, in times when we cant physically meet a lot of our friends social media helps us stay in touch with them and feel a little more connected to the world especially during the holiday season.

With all the good things that social media has been a part of and driver of — it has also gotten a pretty bad rap for causing a lot of mental…

Broken bicycles like these can be seen all across cities.

Sustainability, Circular economy, Green etc… simple words and relatively easy to define and understand as a concept, however extremely difficult to implement in meaningful ways which leads to true win-win situation for all stakeholders. That’s because there are different implications in different contexts and that’s where it starts to get complicated — our products and supply chains today are built for efficiency and not for sustainability and therein lies the biggest hurdle for getting to solutions which are economically viable and sustainable in the long term.

The Mobility industry intrinsically is not sustainable because its driven on nonrenewable energy resources…

E-Kick scooters parked curbside in Santa Monica, CA

As we start to return to a “New mormal” one thing is clear no one planned for this, and it will be impossible to say accurately how this will change our behavior towards many things including our daily transportation needs. All we can do is come up with an hypothesis and look for examples that disprove or prove our theories and plan and pivot around it.

its clear all modes of people transportation will take a hit, with people not using these as much as they would have been as if it was 2019. However how much of current behaviors…

Varun Malpani

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